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Quick thoughts on Vertigo re-watch

Notes for re-watch of Vertigo

Here are topics I have distilled from my notes and from your Post-Film Writing:

Directly related to the representation of time, space and memory:

  • Camera movement
  • Objects (props)
  • People (costume [hair & makeup] action & performance)
  • Places (setting, decor)
  • Framing (space, staging)
  • Color (dreams & memory)
  • Editing (connections between images)

But also:

  • Sound (music) & m-e-s
  • Light and shadow
  • Shot length


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Garret Adams

I would say that my favorite scene where the camera movement really catches your eye is when hes running up the bell tower looks down and the camera almost drops then bounces back up, showing that hes freaking out about the height hes at.

Jose Hernandez

I love the dutch angle used in this film it really help me see the vertigo perspective as a viewer.

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